Do You Need An Office At Home?

Office At Home

Office At Home

Do you need an office at home, or at least somewhere to work in peace on your computer? Not many people have the luxury of a spare room just for this purpose but there are ways to get around the problem.

If you are like me, you have had to work at the kitchen or dining table in the past. This is frustrating because you have to clear the space every time your table is needed. So, let me give you a few options that you will find will not break your budget.

If you do have a guest bedroom, then let’s face it, it probably doesn’t get used that often. Why not replace the bed with a sofa bed and put a desk in the room? This way, you can go and work in the room in peace, leave work in progress and close the door! You can still have guests but utilize the room to suit you.

Another great place for a desk, if the space is large enough, is your landing. Sometimes they can be a good size but are being used for nothing particularly useful. If you don’t want a desk, then a long table will look good but still serve as a desk. You can put up some shelving, and as you know, there are some great storage containers for your files, books, etc.

This may sound strange, but under the staircase is also another great space to tuck away a place to work. You will probably have to install some good lighting, but quite often, there is enough space for a small desk or table.

Well, there you go. A few ideas as to where you can create a small workspace and clear the clutter, when you are trying to work elsewhere in your home.

Jo Tempest.

Early Female Writers Is Published!

Early Female Writers-Jo Tempest

Early Female Writers

Early Female Writers is published! Announcing Book 7 in my Bad Girls Series. This book is fascinating, covering the lives of 13 early women authors.

They wrote books that we have all probably read in our life-time, and did so many years before lap-tops, or even typewriters. Many of these women wrote with an ink quill pen and used candle-light to enable them to work through the long nights.

They juggled lovers, husbands, children, often traveling around Europe with their partners, to produce their own personal masterpieces. One amazing fact is that the first ever novel published by a woman was in the 1st century in Japan!

Her book is still used today as a reference book by scholars as it gives a wonderfully accurate insight into life in the Japanese Royal Court and their extensive households.

Sometimes it was not even possible for some of these women to write under their own names; they had to use a male pen-name, as it was not acceptable for women to be authors.

For some of these amazing women, their novels were years in the making, for others, they could turn out a steady flow of work to support their lifestyles.

Another really interesting insight into their lives is how small the circle of writers was just a couple of centuries ago and how they often knew each other socially, even meeting up on their constant travels.

These women often endured heartbreak or depression, but somehow, they always managed to write. Often, the escape to their written word stopped them thinking about their personal problems and seemed to help them get over the saddest losses in their lives.

Please click here to view and purchase from Amazon America, or click the book cover above, for Amazon UK.

Jo Tempest.

How Men Fall In Love Isn’t A Mystery

Men In Love

Men In Love

How men fall in love is actually how women fall in love but maybe in a different order! Initially they meet a woman and feel attracted to her and then want to get to know her better.

Of course, there is a big difference in a guy who is only physically attracted to you and a guy who is physically and mentally attracted to you.

Physical attraction only will not lead to a fulfilling relationship, it will just eventually peter out. But physical attraction and the meeting of your minds has a good basis for something special.

In fact, if you ask a lot of guys why they love their partner, they will probably mention a physical attribute but the most common answer is that she makes him laugh!

How men fall in love is not an overnight miracle. I know some men have said that the first time they met their partner they knew she was the woman they were going to marry but it’s rare. Usually they do not realize they are falling in love, and then one day, quite a way into the relationship, they will wake up realizing this is the woman that they want to spend all their free time with.

Men are no different to women in that they also want to find someone to love, marry and have a family. In fact, women are better than men at being on their own. This is shown by divorce figures that when a guy gets divorced, he will remarry a lot quicker than a woman. A man always appears a strong figure but at the end of the day, they do not like coming back to an empty home. They like to feel nurtured and appreciated, in fact loved.

All couples have arguments but usually a man will want to get things resolved as quickly as possible, whereas a women will often drag it out for much longer. There is a wonderful saying that you should never go to sleep on an argument and I believe that is so true. Go to bed and make up, then you wake up to a new day feeling happy with each other.

There is no mystery in how men fall in love but the special magic you have to learn is how to keep them in love with you. Once you understand how a man thinks with regards to love, then you can be happy together for ever!

I Will Miss This View



Although I am ready to move back to England, I will miss this view every morning. They say, if you can, get a glimpse of the sea for your well-being.

Well, I have had a full view of the sea for the last eight years here and I never tire of it. It is forever changing with the weather but always wonderful.
Jo Tempest.


Selimiye Sunset

Selimiye Sunset

My Home - Jo Tempest

My Home

One Step Closer!

Hi Everyone,

Laurel And Hardy

Laurel And Hardy

As I mentioned earlier, I said I felt it was time to move back to England, and it is.Lots of my memories are packed up, waiting to be taken back to England for me and it is a strange feeling.

I am excited about going back, but sad about leaving friends behind, but they can come and visit as soon as I am settled.

One of my main priorities was Laurel and Hardy, my two cats. I cannot take them with me and needed to find them a new home. But a miracle happened!

Last summer I met a wonderful young couple from Istanbul, wanting to move to this village. They contacted me a couple of weeks ago, came for a visit and all is settled.

Not only do they want my flat with all its furniture, but they want Laurel and Hardy too. It is an amazing outcome as my cats love it here, they know their surroundings, and it will just be new people loving and feeding them. It was meant to be.

So I can carry on making my plans for my new adventure and hope the next few years will be as wonderful as the last decade.

Jo Tempest.

I Just Want To Write!!

Love to Write - Jo Tempest

Love to Write

I am writing the seventh book in my ‘Bad Girls’ series…..Early Female Writers, and I am loving it, BUT I so empathize with my girls.

There they are trying to write masterpieces amidst having numerous love affairs, having a hoard of babies and travelling around Europe with men who just do not understand!

Here I am in a foreign country, battling with all the differences, regular power cuts, water off for days, organising my move back to England, cleaning out the wood-burner, washing clothes, and Laurel and Hardy…my two lovely cats!!

I love them dearly but in they come demanding food, cuddles, be dried when it rains…I forgot to tell you, it is winter here so days of endless rain….and it goes on and on, the endless demand for my time. I just want to WRİTE!!!!!

It’s a Catch 22 situation: to be wealthy enough to have someone clean and cook for you, you have to have written books that earn you lots of money. I am trying to do that, as it would be wonderful to be able to just sit at my laptop, do my research uninterrupted and produce a masterpiece, while a lovely lady is feeding me and making sure my house is clean.

Oh well, I can dream, but in the meantime I will slave away at both my chores and my laptop and I WİLL finish this book. I have to say it has been one of my favourite to write and it will be out later this year…..Eventually!!
Jo Tempest.

The Magical Loretto Chapel Staircase

Loretto Staircase

Loretto Staircase

In 1872 the Bishop of the Santa Fe Archdiocese, Jean Baptiste Lamy, commissioned the building of a Convent Chapel to be known as ‘Our Lady of Light Chapel’. It would be under the care of a group of nuns, the Sisters of Loretto.

A French architect, Antoine Mouly, created a beautiful chapel with flying buttresses, tall spires and wonderful stained glass windows imported from France. Although on a much smaller scale, the chapel resembled the famous Sainte- Chappelle in Paris.

At the end of the building of the chapel, Antoine Mouly suddenly died and his builders realised that he had not shown plans for a staircase up to the choir loft.

Because the chapel was so small, it would not be able to accommodate a normal staircase. Actually, at that time, a ladder was often used to gain access to the lofts but this was not going to be possible for the nuns, wearing their long habits.

According to the legend, the nuns took to praying for an answer to their huge problem. For nine long days they prayed to St Joseph for his help and the next day, a scruffy stranger appeared who told them he would solve their problem. Overjoyed, the nuns agreed to his only demand, that he be locked into the chapel and not to be disturbed until he had finished.

Loretto Staircase Spiral

Loretto Staircase Spiral

The stranger disappeared into the chapel with just a few primitive tools, including a saw, a square and some warm water. Three months later, he emerged and when the nuns walked into their chapel, they were greeted with a wonderful sight. Up to their loft, was a carved helix shaped spiral staircase built from non-native wood.

It ascended twenty foot into the air and seemed to hang with no central support. but the central spire of the staircase had been made narrow enough to serve as a central beam.Nowhere was it attached to any pole or any wall, no metal nails had been used, only wooden pegs or dowels.

The nuns were in awe of the stunning staircase, they searched out their stranger to thank him for his wonderful work but he had disappeared. They never saw him again and for them, St Joseph himself, had come to build their staircase.

Loretto Staircase Base

Staircase Base

But it is believed the ‘stranger’ was the young talented French builder, Francois-Jean Rochas, who was only in his early thirties when he built his staircase. (Later he was living in a isolated cabin in the Dog Creek region, even after having been warned there were robbers around. Francois-Jean was discovered in1894 with a bullet to his chest at only fifty years old.)

The nuns and the young female students of the Loretto Academy loved their new chapel with it’s legendary staircase. Ten years later, in 1887, a railing was added for safety and the outer spiral was fastened to it’s adjacent pillar.

The Loretto Chapel was eventually closed but is now a museum and a wedding chapel, so many people can enjoy the sight of the beautiful staircase.

Jo Tempest.

Signs You Are Getting Older!

Getting Older

Getting Older

As we get older , certain things happen to us apart from our bodies aging, our minds change and in many ways for the better. See what you think.

1. When I was a child, I thought having to take a nap was a punishment, now it is a treat.

2. Wouldn’t it be great if we could put ourselves in the dryer and come out two sizes smaller and wrinkle free.

3. Getting ‘lucky’ means walking into a room and remembering why I am there.

4. The biggest lie I tell myself is that ”I do not have to write that down, I will remember it.”

5. My people skills have improved, I no longer tolerate idiots.

6. I talk to myself because sometimes I need to hear expert advice.

7. It is still fun to jump in a puddle when wearing wellie boots.

8. Standing back and letting your children make their own decisions.

9. Not having to do piles of washing and ironing at the end of a busy day.

10. Finally, stop worrying about the world running out of wine as it is too terrible to contemplate!

So, there you have it, a few of my observations on getting older and of course as always, I like to look at life with my usual humour. It helps!!

Jo Tempest.

Flight 2017

Boarding on Flight 2017 has been announced.

Flight 2017

Flight 2017

Hope you have checked in only the BEST souvenirs from 2016 in your luggage.

The BAD and SAD moments if carried, MUST be thrown away in the garbage bins on arrival.

The flight will be 12 months long, so loosen your seat belt and RELAX.

The stop-overs will be:

Re-fueling will be at:

The following menu is offered and will be served during the flight:

+Cocktail of friendship
+Supreme of health
+Grating of prosperity
+Bowl of excellent news
+Salad of success
+Cake of Happiness

All accompanied by Bursts of Laughter

BUT remember, you will enjoy these meals as well as the journey a lot better if you talk, share, smile and laugh together. Sitting silent will make the flight seem much longer.

Wishing you an enjoyable trip on board FLIGHT 2017.

Jo Tempest.

A Jar Of Thankfulness

Thankfulness Jar

Thankfulness Jar

A New Year and new hopes for a better future are probably on the minds of many of us at this time.

Maybe you have had a hard year and feel it can only get better in the days to come. However hard life is, I am sure we all miss moments of joy between the stress of everyday life.

So, why not try a little experiment. Every day, write down at least one small note about something that has made you happy on that day and put it in a jar.

Make sure you do it every day, as there is always something that makes you smile, even if it is as simple as hearing the birds singing in your garden or a beautiful sky.

Then on New Year’s Eve one year later, sit with a glass of wine and read through all the notes you put in your jar.

I guarantee you will have forgotten most of them and they will make you realise that maybe life is not quite as hard as you thought it was.

Happy New Year and I wish much happiness to all you lovely readers.

Jo Tempest.

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