Jo Tempest
Jo Tempest

Hi. My name is Jo Tempest, and thank you for visiting my site. Let me tell you a little bit about me and why I publish this blog.

I was born in England but have a native American grandmother and a Polish grandfather, so traveling and different cultures have always been a part of me.

I had many jobs after school before realizing my passion was creating a great living space. I never had a lot of money when I started so it made me a lot more imaginative. How could I use an item for something it was not intended for but still make it useful? That has stayed with me for ever and I still have so much fun when I can use a door as a table for example.

Many friends started asking me to help with their homes and then I had enough experience to expand my ideas into a business. Before long, I had many a happy client.

I then started thinking about how peoples homes became so cluttered and realized how over whelming that could become. This led me on to creating a decluttering plan for different rooms in the home. Also, my Life Laundry help for those people totally over whelmed, sometimes by bereavement or divorce.

Now, I am living in Turkey and loving it. I have two wonderful sons who are their own free spirits and do not need me around all the time. I have been able to indulge myself in a new culture with a lot to offer and the chance to meet some wonderful people. And of course, lets not forget their wonderful choice of fabrics, ceramics, lighting etc. Now I am able to leave my creative mark in this wonderful country.