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Female Serial Killers- Jo Tempest

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As you maybe know, I have recently published published a new book in my ‘Bad Girls’ seriesĀ  – Female Serial Killers – 13 True Stories of Embittered, Extreme and Evil Women.

I thought it would be fun to give you an excerpt from this book to whet your appetite so that you want to read more. Do not read this book late at night if you want to sleep well!

Belle Gunness was born on the 11th November 1859, near Lake of Selby in Norway, and christened as Brynhild Paulsdatter Storset. Her parents…had eight children, Belle being the youngest. How could they have possibly foreseen their little daughter would be the central character in a true life horror story!

…Sheriff Smutzer took a team of about a dozen men back to the farm and ordered them to start digging in the hog pen area. On the 3rd May 1908, they unearthed the body of Jennie Olsen, Belle’s foster daughter who had supposedly gone off to a girls’ finishing school. The dig was about to become a scene of unimaginable horror…The team worked for days and found body after body.

It was believed, after a thorough investigation, that something like 30 men probably met their fate on the farm, but they were not all found. The remains of 12 people were unearthed but the digging was done in a much cruder way than if it were to be done today…Another two coffins were filled with the remains of seven unknown victims and these were placed in the paupers’ section in the La Porte Pine Lake Cemetery.

After each murder, Belle would carry the man’s body down to the basement (with her great size, she was quite strong enough to do this on her own), where she laid the body out on a table and efficiently cut the body up into pieces. Belle had learned this skill from her dead husband, Peter, who had worked butchering hogs. Then, after she bundled the body parts into sacks, Belle would bury them in the hog pen, or in the grounds surrounding the house.

This is just a small excerpt from one of of 13 true stories of Female Serial Killers.

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Jo Tempest.

Bad Girls Series – Now 6 Books!

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Hi my lovely readers!

Female Explorers

Female Explorers

I cannot believe it, but I now have five books published in my ‘Bad Girls’ series. This latest one is about early female explorers.

These women were truly amazing! In the years they went on their explorations, there were no satellite telephones, laptops, or GPS facilities. No planes or four-wheel drives to travel around in. All they had at their disposal was a local guide and a horse or camel.

They had to fund their own explorations which would often take up to a couple of years or more, as these ‘Bad Girls‘ seemed to want to explore mainly the Far East, the Middle East, and Africa.

They would return to their home country, quickly write and publish books on their travels and then set off again on their next adventure. Some even made movies!

These indomitable, intrepid and inspirational women showed us that there is nowhere in the whole world that a woman cannot explore on her own!

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