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Saying Goodbye

Saying Goodbye

I have a wonderful girlfriend, Carolyn, who is also my editor for my ‘Bad Girls’ series. I met her a few years ago here in Turkey when she came to help out a Captain friend of mine with work on his computer.

She ended up living with me for almost a year and it was a truly bonding time. But her heart was in Romania, for where she had left her home in the USA many years before to go to live.

Carolyn had been drawn to Romania to help two orphan brothers who were in dire straits. She has helped them in so many ways to the point that they are now able to lead independent lives, thanks to all her love and support.

Wanting to stay in Romania, Carolyn started volunteer teaching English in a Romanian school, to be able to access her required visa. But it is made so difficult to obtain these visas, even though she is contributing so much to the local community without ever being a drain on the country.

She has now come to the position where the renewed visa is just too difficult to obtain and has to move back to the USA.

She will be welcomed back with open arms by all in her home country who have missed her so much, but Carolyn will be leaving Romania with a heavy heart, not knowing when she will see her two lovely boys, Dan and John.

I am sure she will see them one day again because if I know nothing else about Carolyn, it is that she is a strong and determined woman. I am very lucky to have her as my friend.
Jo Tempest.

Real Friends Are Always There




If there is one thing I have learned in my life, it is that real friends are always there for you through good and bad. No one’s life moves along a straight line; there are always ups and downs, good and bad.

I once had an enviable life, or so it seemed to most around me. Then my circumstances changed and I was out there in the big wide world on my own.

At first, all was going well, but then I made some big mistakes and found myself homeless and without enough money to even eat most days.

The interesting thing in life is that when all is going well, you are not judged, But the minute things go wrong, then suddenly everyone wants to know how you let it happen. Well, folks, it just does. You make one wrong decision and life comes tumbling down around you. And that is when you find out who are your real friends.

Slowly, over the last four years, I have climbed that mountain to try to get some sort of order in my life, and I can tell you, it has not been easy. I have had to do jobs that were not easy or nice but that is what you have to do. I now have a home again, I can pay my bills and eat.

And it is all thanks to my friends who stood by, did not judge me, and helped where they could. I don’t mean in a monetary sense particularly, but maybe by letting me have bits for my home, bringing some fruit from their trees, or wood for my wood burner. The list is endless over the last four years and I am so grateful for all their support.

The interesting thing about everything going wrong is that it brought me to a new location, my beautiful village, Selimiye in Turkey, because of a job. The village has a healing aura and it has been so good for me. The upside is that I started writing again, firstly, to earn money, and then for the pleasure of it.

I realised it is something I am good at – excuse the modesty – but it is true. My blog has become somewhere I can show you all some amazing, selfless people, along with also insights into a real Turkish village. Then, of course, there are my Bad Girls Series books; maybe they have come about because I believe in the strength of women against all adversities.

Even though my life has been so tough, I have still helped anyone around me who needs help, not in financial ways, but in any other way I can. I so believe it is important to give and take; then your life has some sense of balance.

So I want to say a huge thank you to all my old and new friends who have joined me on my bumpy ride over the last few years. Because of you, I am almost at the top of that mountain and we are going to have some fun times very soon.


Jo Tempest.

Painting – “Girlfriends” by Susan Rinehart

Two Dogs Dining

Just wanted to share this with you. It’s funny and it’s clever…amazing!

I Am So Happy!

Sex And The City The Movie

Sex And The City The Movie

I have heard today that they are going to make a Third Sex in the City movie. I must confess that I absolutely love the movies after watching the series for years. It  just reminds you how lucky you are to have really good girl friends, but then you know that, as I wrote about this subject earlier.

So a little toast to all you girl friends out there:

For the men who have us,

The losers who had us,

And the lucky ones who will meet us

See you in the cinema!!




Girfriends Are The Best!

Girfriends Are The Best!

I am sure all you girls out there will agree with me how important our girlfriends are!

I have girlfriends from when I started High School, my first job, when I had my sons, in fact, through all the important stages of my life. We have grown up together, shared all the problems and the joys that have been thrown at us throughout our lives. And yet,we can still sit down together with a glass of wine and remember the first times we spent together when we met.

Programs like Friends and Sex in the City, try and show the closeness that can exist between girlfriends and they do a fairly good job, but there is nothing like the real thing. I think the difference between male friendships and girlie friendships is that women will talk! We understand that if we talk about what is happening in our lives, then there is amazing support when we need it, and, let’s face it, we have all needed that some time or other.

I have had had wonderful girlie lunches, shopping days, weekend breaks, beach holidays or even just an evening in with wine and a good film. Equally, my girlfriends have been there for me in every crisis in my life. Thankfully, not too many but enough to need their company and advice.

It’s important when we have a new man in our life to not forget our girlfriends and still make time for them. Let’s face it, men can come and go, but our girlfriends will always be there if we want them to be.

I have sensible girlfriends, clever girlfriends and completely scatty girlfriends and I love them all for their diversity and loyalty. So, I give a toast to all my girlfriends and say thank you so much for being my friends and I have loved every minute I have spent in your company over many years.

I think this sums it up perfectly.-

I look at my girlfriends, then I look at me.

Without them ,where would I be?

My sisters, my shadows, my world.

Where would I be without my girls.

Giggles and tears, smiles and laughter,

late night texts and photos.

We’ll be there together until our last day,

Best friends for ever just won’t fade away!

I just look forward to many more shared moments with all of you.



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