Powerful Women

Powerful Women

If all you girls out there are honest, then you know we have all been called a ‘Bitch’ in the past.     Well, I have the perfect answer for you.

Next time it happens, just smile and think of these!

  • Beautiful Individual That Can Handle anything
  • Babe In Total Control of Herself
  • Beautiful Intelligent Talented Charming Hell of a woman
  • Best Individual The Company Hired.
  • Bored Inside The Cheap Hotel
  • Bold Intentions To Catch Him
  • Bed Is The Consummate Heaven
  • Binge Is The Cake Heaven
  • Brave It To Catch Him
  • Bring It To Capable Hands

I have had a lot of fun creating these and I am sure you can find one to fit any occasion of being called the ‘Bitch’..especially when he promised you a really nice Hotel and you have ended up in that awful roadside Motel. Or when you know you can fix that piece of equipment he is holding and cursing because he cannot work out how to make it function!

Girl Power is just the Best. I love it!!!!!