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Early Female Writers Is Published!

Early Female Writers-Jo Tempest

Early Female Writers

Early Female Writers is published! Announcing Book 7 in my Bad Girls Series. This book is fascinating, covering the lives of 13 early women authors.

They wrote books that we have all probably read in our life-time, and did so many years before lap-tops, or even typewriters. Many of these women wrote with an ink quill pen and used candle-light to enable them to work through the long nights.

They juggled lovers, husbands, children, often traveling around Europe with their partners, to produce their own personal masterpieces. One amazing fact is that the first ever novel published by a woman was in the 1st century in Japan!

Her book is still used today as a reference book by scholars as it gives a wonderfully accurate insight into life in the Japanese Royal Court and their extensive households.

Sometimes it was not even possible for some of these women to write under their own names; they had to use a male pen-name, as it was not acceptable for women to be authors.

For some of these amazing women, their novels were years in the making, for others, they could turn out a steady flow of work to support their lifestyles.

Another really interesting insight into their lives is how small the circle of writers was just a couple of centuries ago and how they often knew each other socially, even meeting up on their constant travels.

These women often endured heartbreak or depression, but somehow, they always managed to write. Often, the escape to their written word stopped them thinking about their personal problems and seemed to help them get over the saddest losses in their lives.

Please click here to view and purchase from Amazon America, or click the book cover above, for Amazon UK.

Jo Tempest.

Female Serial Killers Now Published!

Female Serial Killers Jo TempestWell I have finished and published another book in my ‘Bad Girls’ series……….
Female Serial Killers, and it really is a fascinating book. Thirteen women who turned to murder, sometimes for monetary gain, and other times for revenge, or in one instance, to protect her son when he went away to war.

You will read about the woman once jilted by her lover taking revenge on young female serfs under her control, torturing and murdering so many before she was stopped.

The woman who cooked up her victims to make soap and cookies to distribute to neighbours and friends (this is the crazy woman trying to protect her son when he went to war).

Another woman married three plumbers and managed to murder two of them before being caught and hung!

I have not included any women who preyed on children and actually, the two who come to mind, Rose West and Myra Hindley, did not work alone. Whereas these thirteen women acted solely on their own for their own misguided reasons.

It is a macabre book but also truly engrossing so down-load it now for a great read.

Do not forget all the other books in my ‘Bad Girls’ series….Female Assassins, Spies, Cross-Dressers, Mistresses and Explorers, which you can find for download on my page at Amazon.

Jo Tempest.

Female Explorers Special Price

As you know, there are now five books available for my ‘Bad Girls’ series,

Female Explorers

Female Explorers

collections of stories about women who were Assassins, Spies, Cross-Dressers, Mistresses, and Explorers.

Now between Feb. 8 and Feb. 12 you can share in my special offer of reading Female Explorers for just 99⊄ (around 65 pence). Read about these amazing women who traveled to countries even before a European man visited them, let alone a lone woman.

They were brave and intrepid. They had to fund all their own travels as the National Geographic Society would not admit women so would often go back to their home country, quickly write a book and create funds to enable them to go back to their exploring.

You can read about incredible women, like Gertrude Bell, Mary Henrietta Kingsley, and Osa Johnson. They will take you through their lives and adventures in countries such as Iran, Iraq, Egypt, and Africa. They say truth is more incredible than fiction, and after reading this book, you will definitely agree.

I know you will enjoy reading ‘Female Explorers,’ and do not forget all the other books in my ‘Bad Girls’ series. Click here to get your copy for 99⊄/65 pence. It can be read on your Kindle, or if you don’t own one, you can download it to Amazon Cloud, which is a free online reader.

Jo Tempest.

My Bad Girls

Are They Really Bad Girls?

Are They Really Bad Girls?

I have been writing my series of ‘Bad Girls’ books for quite a while now and I am loving it!

There are so many amazing women from around the world and through the centuries who need to be known.

I have published four books to date – Assassins, Spies, Cross-Dressers, and Mistresses.

Explorers is the fifth and it is with my lovely editor, Carolyn. She will perform her usual magic to make my book ready for Amazon in the near future.

I am working on the next book but will keep that a surprise for the moment.

I hope you are enjoying reading the ‘Bad Girls’ and there will always be a new one waiting for you to download!

Jo Tempest

Girl Power Magic Publications is proud to announce The Mistresses, True Stories Of Lust, Love, and Loss, the fourth book in my series, “The Bad Girls,” now available for Kindle and Amazon Cloud.

The definition of a mistress ‘is a man’s long term female lover and companion who is not married to him’. It is especially true when the man is already married to another woman. They do not usually live openly together and the relationship is secret. Today, mistresses have a much easier time as the rules are different.

The Mistresses - The Bad Girls Series Book 4

The Mistresses

In this book, you will read about true, enduring love stories lived by 12 women, and may even find you have sympathy for many of these women; I did.

You will read about the mistress to a British royal; they lived openly together for nearly 20 years, had 10 children and the approval of the Royal family. But then they were torn apart because all the Royal heirs to the throne had died and he had to take his place as King of England and marry a suitable princess.

One was mistress to an American president and although his wife would have given him a divorce to be with the woman he loved, his mother threatened stopping all the family money to ruin his chances of becoming president. So they met in secret and she was even with him when he died.

One of my mistresses was executed with her lover even though she was given the chance to go free. One mistress had to live in the same home while her husband had his mistress move in to the home, and she was not allowed to go and live with her lover, and give up her ‘love child’.

In the past, women did not have the rights and ease as many do now to choose their own lives, and so would suffer the scorn or secrecy involved with being with the man they truly loved. All of the men in these stories were powerful men and I am sure that is a great attraction to a woman, but with that comes the difficulties of being together.

I have spent a lot of time researching and writing this book so that I could give you the stories not only from the mistress’s point of view, but also her lover and his wife. Then you can truly see how their three lives crossed and divided.

So, download my fourth book in my Bad Girls Series to read 12 intimate biographical tales of Lust, Love and Loss to make up your own mind about the life of a mistress in times past.
Jo Tempest.

Female Spies – My New Bad Girls Book For Kindle

 Hi all my lovely readers, it is time for my “Bad Girls Series” update.

There are two books out in my series, Female Assassins and now Female Spies.

Truly amazing real stories about brave and daring women from around the world and throughout the centuries. Audacious women with their incredible stories that you will find fascinating.

You can find my books available through Amazon for your Kindles or similar downloading systems.

One thing I would like to add is that if you read some of my readers’ comments, they sometimes state that there seems too little information or they would like to read more. Well, the truth is, there is no more REAL information out there. I promised myself right from the start when writing this series I would only write the true facts.

Of course, I could supply pages more but it would be fiction and that is not right. In fact, some of my Bad Girls had very short lives due to the dangers they put themselves in. So, what you will read is the truth, and only the truth. Surely this the point when you are writing about REAL women. I hope that if any of these women are looking down at me, they will thank me for showing you the real them, without any embellishments.

I know you will enjoy my Bad Girls and please, when you have read about their lives, please leave me a review as I love to read your reactions to these REAL stories. More books on their way in my Bad Girls series, the next is going to be Female Cross Dressers, coming soon.

Happy Reading.

Jo Tempest.

My New Bad Girls Series Book – Female Spies

Announcing Female Spies

Female SpiesHi folks, it’s that time again! My second book in my “Bad Girl Series” is out there for you to read. This one is about female spies from across the world and through the centuries.

Truly amazing real life stories about twelve women who spied for their country when they were needed. Well, most of them were doing the right thing. About a couple of them, you will have to make your own mind up as to whether they did the right thing or not!

I really hope you enjoy it and would love you to leave a review for me to read your comments. You can download this book when you click here.  If you missed the first one, it was Female Assassins, so go and find that one as well. They are both available for you to download on your Kindle or similar, or Amazon Cloud reader, available from Amazon.

I am busy writing the third one for “The Bad Girls Series”, Female Cross Dressers, and that will be with you soon.

Bye for now and happy reading.


Jo Tempest.

Bad Girls SeriesHi, all my lovely readers. Firstly I want to say a big “Thank You!” to all you followers of my blog. It has had over 1 MILLION visits since I started it and I am so glad you enjoy reading it.

You are certainly keeping me on my toes when it comes to finding something interesting to write about and that I hope you will all enjoy reading.

But this time I want to take the opportunity to tell you all about my new project. As you know, last year, I launched my first book for Kindle, my Creepy Crawly Kids Spider Book and now I am ready to publish my next series of books. 

The Bad Girls Series is a multi-volume series of books about amazing women from all around the world and through the centuries. These are true stories about so many different types of women. 

The first volume is about female assassins -13 different women who attempted to assassinate their chosen target. Some were successful, others not. Some of the women were executed, a few went to prison, and even a few escaped punishment.

You will find some of these true crime stories quite moving, others scary, and even find yourself in awe of these women. What I can promise is that none of their stories are boring!

Other books will follow in this fascinating series including female spies, cross-dressers, and so many more. While you are enjoying reading them, I will enjoy writing them. 

So, it’s time to turn on your Kindle or Tablet, or install Amazon Cloud Reader on your computer. Then go to Amazon, search for Jo Tempest and her Bad Girls Series and start downloading. One last request, if you have read my Bad Girls Series – The Assassins and loved it (which of course, you will), then please, please, please, leave me a review. Amazon just loves reviews, the more the better! And make sure you look for the following volumes as they appear. 

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my darling friend, Carolyn, who is my ‘tech’ friend. As you know, I love to write, but the technical side is way beyond me! So, Carolyn is my ‘technical Angel’. Without her, I would have a book series being read by no-one.

Click here to download my new book The Assassins now.


Bye for now


Jo Tempest. 

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