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Flight 2017

Boarding on Flight 2017 has been announced.

Flight 2017

Flight 2017

Hope you have checked in only the BEST souvenirs from 2016 in your luggage.

The BAD and SAD moments if carried, MUST be thrown away in the garbage bins on arrival.

The flight will be 12 months long, so loosen your seat belt and RELAX.

The stop-overs will be:

Re-fueling will be at:

The following menu is offered and will be served during the flight:

+Cocktail of friendship
+Supreme of health
+Grating of prosperity
+Bowl of excellent news
+Salad of success
+Cake of Happiness

All accompanied by Bursts of Laughter

BUT remember, you will enjoy these meals as well as the journey a lot better if you talk, share, smile and laugh together. Sitting silent will make the flight seem much longer.

Wishing you an enjoyable trip on board FLIGHT 2017.

Jo Tempest.

Cats of Selimiye

The one thing this village can boast, apart from beautiful views and blue sea, are really sweet cats. We keep them under control by having a neutering programme in place, but there are still quite a few street cats.

The good thing is that they are all well fed, especially in the summer by all the local restaurants and we make sure they are feeding stations in the winter.

Anyway, I thought you would like to see some of our local residents.

Jo Tempest

Black Beauty - Cats of Selimiye

Black Beauty

Cat Puzzle - Cats Of Selimiye

Cat Puzzle

Comfy - Cats Of Selimiye


Fluffy Twins - Cats of Selimiye

Fluffy Twins

Zodiac Signs and Their Angels

In all the years I have been interested in Astrology and Angels, I never knew each sign had its own angel, until I recently read a book on angels. The names of the associated angels do vary from different writings, but these I am going to tell you about come from some of the earliest observations, and I like the idea of that.

I do believe we have angels around us all the time to keep us safe and help us on our journey through life. Sometimes they leave us signs that they are around for us and I am often finding a beautiful feather in the most unlikely of places.

I keep them all and I was amazed as to how many I now have. One day I will do something with them but I am waiting for the right inspiration.

Anyway, back to our Zodiac Angels, here is a list for you to learn who is around for you on a daily basis.
Capricorn Angel


Capricorn ~ Angel Casujoiah helps you to be careful and responsible for all you undertake on a daily basis.


Aquarius Angel


Aquarius ~ Angel Ausiel keeps you idealistic and also brings out the humanitarian side of your character.



Pisces Angel


Pisces ~ Angel Barakiel helps you in your artistic endeavours as well as helping you emotionally.




Ares Angel


Aries ~ Angel Haniel keeps you confident and assertive in your daily life.



Taurus Angel


Taurus ~ Angel Asmodel is there to make sure you are being practical as well as reliable.



Gemini Angel


Gemini ~ Angel Ambriel shows you how to be social as well as adaptable in daily life.



Cancer Angel


Cancer ~ Angel Muriel is helping you to be sympathetic and sensitive to all those people around you.



Leo Angel


Leo ~ Angel Verchiel is responsible for you being an open and generous person.



Virgo Angel


Virgo ~ Angel Hamaliel makes sure your analytical mind keeps working efficiently.



Libra Angel


Libra ~ Angel Zuriel (the Prince of Principalities) keeps you on the right track of always trying to be diplomatic and create harmony around you.


Scorpio Angel


Scorpio ~ Angel Barbiel keeps your powerful and intense personality in check!



Sagittarius Ange


Sagittarius ~ Angel Hamaliel wants you to always be optimistic as well as adventurous.



Twelve different angels with twelve very different roles but always around; how wonderful is that!
Jo Tempest.

A Small Glimpse Of Where I Live

As you all know, I live in the beautiful village of Selimiye in Turkey. It is right on the sea with a stunning bay and a backdrop of mountains covered in Fir trees. Even after all the years I have lived here, I never take its beauty for granted. The summers are hot and sunny but even in the mild winters, it is still lovely to put on walking boots and a jacket and wander along the shore line.

For all its many visitors, both Turkish and foreign, Selimiye has retained its magic. While a mega-yacht sails into the bay, you can still see one of the local old ladies walking her cow home on the back streets.

Selimiye has a charm all of its own and I really hope that it can somehow manage to retain it under the pressure to be developed, as some would like.

I am sharing some of my photographs so that you can see why I love living here so much. Let me know if you ever come to visit!

Jo Tempest

The Dog Who Loves To Catch Fish

The Dog Who Loves To Catch Fish

Baby Birds Under My Window

Baby Birds Under My Window

Local Fishing Boat

Local Fishing Boat

Local Baby Transport!

Local Baby Transport!

Village Baby Naming Party

Village Baby Naming Party

Local Villager

Local Villager

Tulips from Turkey!

Turkish Tulip Motif

Turkish Tulip Motif

As you know, I live in Turkey and a few days ago I thought I would do some work in my small garden. I bought an Orange tree, some Rosemary bushes and some Tulip bulbs.

When I planted my Tulip bulbs, it got me thinking because I had heard that Tulip bulbs were actually given to Europe by the Turkish. So, after a little research, here is an interesting story for you.

Tulips were originally a wild flower found growing in Central Asia and the Turks started cultivating them around 1000AD. They loved them and by the time of the Ottoman Empire, tulips abounded in many forms. In fact, in the reign of Sultan Ahmed III (1703-1730), it was known as the Tulip Era.

The different types of tulips were given wonderful names such as ‘Matchless Pearl’, ‘Rose of Coloured Glass’, ‘Those That Burn The Heart’, Light of the Mind’ and ‘Increaser of Joy’.

Tulips were defined as nobility as well as privilege, and their images appeared on textiles, silk, ceramics, and in paintings. There was even poetry written on their beauty.

They actually arrived in Europe a lot earlier than this; in fact, it is thought around 1554. This is when Ogier de Busbecq, the ambassador of Ferdinand I, (the Holy Roman Emperor to the Sultan of Turkey), sent tulip bulbs and seeds to Vienna. There, the famous biologist, Carolus Clusius, was very impressed with the beautiful flower. Eventually, they ended up in Holland, where, as they say, the rest is history!

Gerome Jean Leon The Tulip Folly

Gerome Jean Leon The Tulip Folly

A Dutch Garden of 1600s

A Dutch Garden of 1600s

By 1636, tulip bulbs had become their 4th leading export after cheese, herring, and gin. But they also caused chaos in the financial world for a brief time around March 1637, when the cost of the bulbs rose to crazy levels. One bulb could be sold for more than ten times the annual income of a skilled craftsman. This period was known as Tulip Mania and the term is still used today across the world when the financial market is too crazy.

Obviously things settled down for the selling of tulip bulbs, but Holland did develop an incredible tulip industry, growing and exporting all around the world. Their tulip fields are an amazingly beautiful sight to behold and are a favourite with Spring time visitors.

As for me, I planted my tulip bulbs (coming from Holland) and await their flowering so that I can cut a few and have them in my home to admire their beauty.

Jo Tempest.

Dutch Tulip Fields

Dutch Tulip Fields

A Robin Hood Bank Robber

Charles Arthur Floyd

Charles Arthur Floyd

Charles Arthur Floyd was born on the 3rd February, 1904 in Bartow County, Georgia, USA, but when he was 7 years old his family moved to Oklahoma. His family was poor and life was hard, leading Charlie towards a life of crime.

When he was 18 years old, he was arrested for the first time when he stole$3.50 in coins from the local post office. Three years later, he again found himself being arrested, but for a much bigger crime, a payroll robbery.

Charlie was sentenced to 5 years in prison and actually served just over 3 years. On being released, he vowed never to go back to prison! 

But he did not choose to stop his life of crime. He joined up with some professional hardened criminals in the Kansas City underworld to rob many other banks. It was at this time that he picked up his nickname, which he always hated. On one robbery, the Payroll Master who had been targeted, described the three robbers to the police. His description of Charlie Floyd was ”a mere boy – a pretty boy with apple cheeks,” so from then on, he was known as ‘Pretty Boy Floyd’.

This was also the time that he acted like the ‘Robin Hood Bank Thief’. Many of his neighbours in Oklahoma were struggling farmers who had mortgages with the local banks. They would often be in the position of losing their farms to the banks as the banks wanted the land to expand the size of the farms to increase the farming yields.

When the bank officials came to seize the farms, the owners would be out on their land with shotguns, to try to stop them. This is when Charlie took it upon himself to destroy any farm mortgage deeds he found in his robberies.

With no record of a mortgage, no farm land could be taken away from its owner. He would also buy food and distribute it to the local community. These actions always assured a place for him to hide when he was being hunted by the police. 

Pretty Boy Mug Shot

Pretty Boy Mug Shot

By the age of 25 years old, Charlie knew no other life than crime and there were numerous arrest warrants waiting for him. On 9th March 1929, he was finally caught and arrested in Kansas City but released.

A few weeks later, he was again arrested on suspicion of Vagrancy and Highway Robbery but somehow managed to get himself released.

But then, two days later on 8th May, Charlie was arrested in Pueblo, Colorado and again charged with vagrancy. He was sentenced to 60 days in jail and a $50 fine. On his release, he went straight back to his old ways and managed to evade the police for the next few years.

He was using the alias of ‘Frank Mitchel’ but it soon became known to the authorities that Frank and Charlie were the same man. Not only the police but also the FBI were now hunting down Charlie Floyd in earnest.

In May 1930, the law caught up with him in Toledo, Ohio, and arrested him for the Sylvania, Ohio Bank Robbery. He was sentenced on 24th November 1930 to 12-15 years in the Ohio State Penitentiary Prison. Amazingly, he escaped and was back on the run.

After John Dillinger (another famous bank robber of that time) had been killed by the FBI, Charlie Floyd was now named by them as ‘Public Enemy No 1’ in 1934. The net was tightening as the FBI became more efficient in tracking down the criminals they were hunting. 

On 22nd October 1934, at just 30 years old, Charlie Floyd was chased in his car by the police and the FBI. On crashing his car, he ran into a nearby corn field where he was fatally shot by his pursuers. The FBI agents carried him out of the field and he died under a nearby apple tree.

Charlie’s body was embalmed and allowed to be viewed for a short time at the Sturgis Funeral Home in East Liverpool, Ohio. He was then sent on to Oklahoma where his coffin was laid on public display in Sallisaw, Ohio. His funeral had the largest attendance in Oklahoma history to date with between 20,000- 40,000 people, before he was buried in Akins, Oklahoma. 

Charles Arthur Floyd Grave

Charles Arthur Floyd Grave

Although Charlie Floyd led a real life of crime, many farmers were thankful to him for not having their land re-possessed by the banks, so his life story has often been met with mixed reactions over the years. He felt he was only stealing from the ‘big boys’ and helping out the little men of his time. What do you think?


Jo Tempest.

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