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My First Editorial as Jo Tempest!

Jo Tempest Interview

Jo Tempest Interview

When I was in England a few weeks ago, I was interviewed for a local County newspaper. It has turned out to be a great article and I hope you enjoy it.

Hopefully it will be the first of many to get Jo Tempest and my ‘Bad Girls’ out there.  Click here to read my interview.

Jo Tempest

Female Spies – Bad Girls For Free!

Hi all my lovely readers; as you know my ‘Bad Girls’ series is available through Amazon for your Kindles or similar and I love being able to give you a treat occasionally.

Elizabeth Thorp - Allies Spy

Elizabeth Thorp – Allies Spy

So Saturday 20th September and Sunday 21st September, you can download my book ‘Female Spies‘ for free. If you don’t own a Kindle you can download Female Spies to Amazon Cloud Reader, free from Amazon.

Read about these incredibly brave young women who risked their lives for their country in times of war and even paid for it by losing their lives.

Often they left a privileged life for one of being chased by the Gestapo, being thrown into prison and even tortured to give up the names of their fellow comrades. A few of my girls were even killed for their courageous efforts.

It is a riveting and sometimes harrowing read, but read it you must as it is incredible to think these are all TRUE stories.

It has been said of this book and my book on ‘Female Assassins‘ that some readers would like more, but I do not apologise for some shorter chapters. These are true stories, not fiction. Of course I could add lots of ‘perhaps’ and ‘maybes,’ but I will not do that. All you get are the verifiable facts. I want you to feel how short some of their lives were; in some cases, they only lived into their twenties, or even younger.

Don’t worry, my ‘Female Cross-Dressers’ now available, and ‘Mistresses’ to follow, are books bulging with pages, as most of these women led normal, long lives, full of adventures.

So, happy reading, and please do not forget to leave me your reviews as I love to see what you think and feel about my books.

Click Here To Download From Amazon For Free

Jo Tempest.

Female Cross-Dressers On AmazonI am pleased to tell you that my third book in my Bad Girl Series is ready for you to read – Female Cross-Dressers -True Stories of Deception, Daring, and Drama…and what a fascinating read it is!
This book is about female cross-dressers, not women who wanted to be men, but women who wanted to forge their own way through life, and as a woman, that made it impossible.

Some of these thirteen women took over the persona of a man for their whole lives and were not discovered to be a woman until they were dead. The woman who wanted to be a doctor left her home in Ireland to sail to England. When she arrived, she was a ‘man’. When this was discovered on her death, her personal file was locked away for one hundred years.

There are too many amazing stories in this book that will absolutely astound you. These women were brave as well as ingenious in how they hid their sex from the people around them.

If you enjoy this book, then remember you can also read the other books out in this series at the moment, Female Assassins and Female Spies through the centuries and from around the world. So download them on your Kindle (or similar) to be amazed by some incredible women.

I am working on Mistresses at the moment, so that will be with you very soon. Oh, and please, leave me your reviews, as I love to hear what you think of my books. One other thing, if you think that a couple of the stories are short, then please remember I am writing real stories, not fiction. I do not want you to read “maybes” or “perhaps”. I want you to read about a real life, and in the case of the Spies and the Assassins, they were often very short lives.

I love my Bad Girls and I really hope you do too.
Jo Tempest.

My Creepy Crawly Kids Spider Book

Creepy Crawly Kids Spider Book


Creepy Crawly Kids Spider Book | Jo Tempest | Kindle

Creepy Crawly Kids Spider Book

Hi all my wonderful readers,

As I told you earlier, I have launched my first Kindle book and it’s about spiders. Don’t be put off because it says ‘Kids’. Lots of adults are really enjoying it!

Anyway, just wanted to let you know you can download it for free at the moment, but that will only last a few days. 

Please, if you do read it and enjoy it, I would love for you to write a review, as this really helps me with my ratings.

Just click on the book cover and go straight to the order page. 

If you don’t have a Kindle, don’t worry because you can download it to Amazon Cloud Reader, a free service from them so you can read Kindle books on your computer. 

Also, watch out because my ‘Bad Girl’ series will also soon be available on Kindle.

I have so enjoyed writing this series, all true stories about female spies, pirates, and ??? Well, you will have to wait and see.

 Will keep you updated. 

Jo Tempest.xxxx

My Kindle Book Update

Update on my Kindle book

Creepy Crawly Kids Spider Book | Jo Tempest

Creepy Crawly Kids Spider Book | Jo Tempest


Hi to all my lovely followers,

As you know I have started writing for Kindle and I really need your support to get known quickly.

My first book is out and any of you who have Kindles please download my book and leave me a ‘glowing’ review. It’s got a great price of 99¢. 

The name of it is Creepy Crawly Kids Spider Book, and it’s loaded with facts about spiders you have never heard before. It’s full of beautiful photos and includes some great stories of spider legends and lore.

I will be eternally grateful as I have so many other ideas, but I do need people to read them. Just click on the book cover to go to the book’s page on Amazon.com.

And don’t forget to tell your friends!! 

love and hugs, 


I Am Writing For Kindle And I Love It!

Never one to not want a new challenge, I am writing for Kindle and my first book is out now, The Creepy Crawly Kids Spider Book.

You may think this first one is a strange subject, but I promise you that you will find it fascinating, even if you squirm a little. It’s all about spiders, their habits, their lives and their legends. Hope you enjoy it as much I enjoyed creating it, due to my life long fascination of these 8 legged creatures. Later, my ‘Bad Girl’ series will be out there and hopefully you will love these too. 

Here is a little story to tempt you into the world of spiders; this is quite amazing!

The Spider Shawl

Spider Silk Shawl

Spider Silk Shawl

Art historian Simon Peers and his American business partner Nicholas Godley decided to create the largest piece of woven fabric made entirely from the silk extracted from spiders… but not just any spider.

Spider silk from the Golden Orb Spiders found only in Madagascar, is renowned for its vibrant color and strength. The silk is only produced by the female Golden Orb Spider, and fortunately she is not venomous. This species of spider is quite large, with a white, yellow and black back, so easy to spot for collection.


Golden Orb Spiders - Jo Tempest

Golden Orb Spiders

Around 70 people went out daily to collect these spiders from their webs on the nearby telephone wires.

Then it was the job of another dozen people to draw the silk from the spider using special hand-powered machines. Unfortunately a few spiders did die in the process but a system was set up so that the spiders being used were then released later in the day.


Golden Spider Silk Bobbins

Golden Spider Silk Bobbins

Nearly a million Golden Orb Spiders donated their silk to the project, and on average, 23,000 spiders can produce just one ounce of silk, so you can see why they needed to use a million of them!

 As the silk was produced, 24 single strands at a time were twisted by hand into a single strand. These were then twisted again with another 3 of the multiple strands to create the silk thread.

In the 1890’s, local Madagascan fishermen used the spider silk to make nets and lines as it was found that for its weight, it was stronger than steel. But the design used for the fabric originated from 19th century stories of a local French colonial administrator’s attempt to spin cloth from silken Orb spiders.

Spider Silk Shawl Weaving

Spider Silk Shawl Weaving


Spider Silk Shawl Detail

Spider Silk Shawl Detail










The created shawl features traditional Malagasy flower and bird motifs and is quite spectacular.

It measures an astonishing 11 by 4 feet in size, and it took Simon and Nicholas over four years to finish their project, using centuries old weaving techniques. The silk has not been treated or colored in any way and is completely natural.

 The shawl is now on display in the ‘American Museum of Natural History’ in New York City, USA. I am sure it is well worth a visit to see this magnificent accomplishment!

If this story intrigued you, then click on the link below to see my book which is loaded with photos and facts you never knew about spiders.

The Creepy Crawly Kids Spider Book

My Ebook

Budget Interior Design Ideas

My eBook


Hi everyone,

I am so excited about my eBook on budget design. It was created with a lot of loving care and there is something for everyone, I promise.  It is now published and available on its very own website.

It’s not about how much money you spend on your home, but rather about how little you spend to create a wonderful living space. Whether you are looking for a way to display your photos, light your rooms, create extra storage or hang your curtains, it’s all in my book.

I promise you that you won’t be disappointed if you buy my book and will soon be impressing your friends with your own great creative skills.

Have fun; I certainly did when I was creating my home. In fact, I still do, as a home is never finished!!

Jo xx

Budget Interior Design Ideas

My Love Of Writing

I Love Writing

I Love Writing

Do you remember how great it was to receive a letter in the post? How you would sit down with a cup of coffee and read the contents, and later re-read it? My grandmother used to write to me, pages long, and it was wonderful! The other great thing about letters is that you could store them away and they became treasures in later years.

I also have a love of stationery and could spend ages in the shops choosing writing materials, still do in fact, but they do not get as much use as they should. Mind you, they look pretty and I am a great list maker so they get to be used!

I used to love writing letters to friends and family, sometimes they would be written over the space of days and would be a running commentary on my life at the time. I know a couple of my friends who used to receive my letters and read them out to friends, as they were so entertaining! Their words!!

One friend in particular always told me I should write for a living and actually, now I do and love it.

Computers are wonderful but there is no anticipation for letters dropping through your letter box, just opening your email and you feel that you have to respond immediately. This is the future and it has so many benefits, but good things do disappear. Mind you, I have to say that spell check is useful at times!

When my son James was traveling around the world, he would send me the most amazing descriptive emails of his adventures. Guess what I did! I would print them out and sit with my cup of coffee to read them. Crazy woman!! But they felt more real to me rather than reading them from a screen.

Anyway, over the years I have discovered I really love to write. Now, I write articles, create e- books and have even started writing a novel. When I started to write, I felt happier writing by hand and then typing it up later. This was mainly because I’m not very confident using my lap top, but I soon learned this was very time consuming. So, lap top it is!! It took me quite a while to get over not feeling so creative sitting in front of a screen rather than holding a pen in my hand. Thankfully, people love reading my articles so I must have overcome that problem and hopefully will continue to write useful entertaining articles.

Books are my other great passion and now we have Kindles ( is that how you spell it?). I haven’t succumbed to one of those yet but many of my friends are singing their praises. Maybe that’s another article in the making.

Bye for now…


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