Office At Home

Office At Home

Do you need an office at home, or at least somewhere to work in peace on your computer? Not many people have the luxury of a spare room just for this purpose but there are ways to get around the problem.

If you are like me, you have had to work at the kitchen or dining table in the past. This is frustrating because you have to clear the space every time your table is needed. So, let me give you a few options that you will find will not break your budget.

If you do have a guest bedroom, then let’s face it, it probably doesn’t get used that often. Why not replace the bed with a sofa bed and put a desk in the room? This way, you can go and work in the room in peace, leave work in progress and close the door! You can still have guests but utilize the room to suit you.

Another great place for a desk, if the space is large enough, is your landing. Sometimes they can be a good size but are being used for nothing particularly useful. If you don’t want a desk, then a long table will look good but still serve as a desk. You can put up some shelving, and as you know, there are some great storage containers for your files, books, etc.

This may sound strange, but under the staircase is also another great space to tuck away a place to work. You will probably have to install some good lighting, but quite often, there is enough space for a small desk or table.

Well, there you go. A few ideas as to where you can create a small workspace and clear the clutter, when you are trying to work elsewhere in your home.

Jo Tempest.

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