Early Female Writers-Jo Tempest

Early Female Writers

Early Female Writers is published! Announcing Book 7 in my Bad Girls Series. This book is fascinating, covering the lives of 13 early women authors.

They wrote books that we have all probably read in our life-time, and did so many years before lap-tops, or even typewriters. Many of these women wrote with an ink quill pen and used candle-light to enable them to work through the long nights.

They juggled lovers, husbands, children, often traveling around Europe with their partners, to produce their own personal masterpieces. One amazing fact is that the first ever novel published by a woman was in the 1st century in Japan!

Her book is still used today as a reference book by scholars as it gives a wonderfully accurate insight into life in the Japanese Royal Court and their extensive households.

Sometimes it was not even possible for some of these women to write under their own names; they had to use a male pen-name, as it was not acceptable for women to be authors.

For some of these amazing women, their novels were years in the making, for others, they could turn out a steady flow of work to support their lifestyles.

Another really interesting insight into their lives is how small the circle of writers was just a couple of centuries ago and how they often knew each other socially, even meeting up on their constant travels.

These women often endured heartbreak or depression, but somehow, they always managed to write. Often, the escape to their written word stopped them thinking about their personal problems and seemed to help them get over the saddest losses in their lives.

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