┬áHi all my lovely readers, it is time for my “Bad Girls Series” update.

There are two books out in my series, Female Assassins and now Female Spies.

Truly amazing real stories about brave and daring women from around the world and throughout the centuries. Audacious women with their incredible stories that you will find fascinating.

You can find my books available through Amazon for your Kindles or similar downloading systems.

One thing I would like to add is that if you read some of my readers’ comments, they sometimes state that there seems too little information or they would like to read more. Well, the truth is, there is no more REAL information out there. I promised myself right from the start when writing this series I would only write the true facts.

Of course, I could supply pages more but it would be fiction and that is not right. In fact, some of my Bad Girls had very short lives due to the dangers they put themselves in. So, what you will read is the truth, and only the truth. Surely this the point when you are writing about REAL women. I hope that if any of these women are looking down at me, they will thank me for showing you the real them, without any embellishments.

I know you will enjoy my Bad Girls and please, when you have read about their lives, please leave me a review as I love to read your reactions to these REAL stories. More books on their way in my Bad Girls series, the next is going to be Female Cross Dressers, coming soon.

Happy Reading.

Jo Tempest.

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