As you know, my blog is full of inspiring people all around the world who have given back to their community or further, and this has got me thinking a lot more about giving. 

I have a very dear friend who left her own country a few years ago to go and live in a foreign speaking country. She did this to go and support two orphaned boys who were literally starving to death and has been there ever since, still supporting them.

I am sure you all agree that this was an extremely compassionate thing to do. 

We do not all have to make such enormous gestures to help other people, especially those much closer to home. Putting money in a charity box or making a regular donation to your favourite charity is highly commendable.

But, could you make even a small difference to the life of a neighbour, close friend or relative? Think about it and the people you know. Is there someone you know who is sick, an invalid, or just so busy and stressed out? 

  • Do their dogs need walking regularly because they cannot leave their home at the moment or time is just too precious?
  • Is there someone you know who has to use public transport every day to get to work and you happen to go the same way every day?
  • Do you know someone who has children and could benefit from the odd babysitting to give them a break?
  • If you are a painter and decorator, do you know someone who would love a couple of their rooms brightened up with a coat of new paint, but they are unable to do this themselves or afford to pay a professional?
  • What about a few odd hours of gardening for a mum on her own or an elderly neighbour?
  • I am sure you go shopping at least a couple of times a week, is there someone you know who doesn’t have a car that you could either do their shopping for them or take them with you?
  • Do you love cooking and there is someone close by who would benefit from some home-baked food?
  • Do you have lots of fruit and vegetables growing in your garden, much more than you need? If so, bag it up and give it away to neighbours, or as I use to do when I was living in England, leave it by your gate with a note saying “Help Yourself”. 

These are just a few ideas as to how you could make someone very happy with only a little giving of your time. I know this all may sound a little ‘surreal’ to some of my readers, but as a ‘giver’, I really do get a warm feeling in helping others. And it comes back to you in different ways.

I am often given home baked cakes or other goodies (it seems they realise I am not a great fan of cooking and would rather be doing something else with my time), as well as lots of other help over the very difficult last few years of my life. I am eternally grateful for all the help I have received in so many different ways and I enjoy giving in my way, to show that gratitude. 

I also believe that many of you out there have a giving nature but probably just haven’t thought about the people around you that would love some help in their lives.

The world has become such a more selfish and self-centered place and we all have to do our bit to try and change it, including teaching our children how good it feels to give. They will be the next generation who have to improve our world!

If we all did a daily task for someone else, even if it is giving them a lift in our car, it is a great start.


Jo Tempest.

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