Men In Love

Men In Love

How men fall in love is actually how women fall in love but maybe in a different order! Initially they meet a woman and feel attracted to her and then want to get to know her better.

Of course, there is a big difference in a guy who is only physically attracted to you and a guy who is physically and mentally attracted to you.

Physical attraction only will not lead to a fulfilling relationship, it will just eventually peter out. But physical attraction and the meeting of your minds has a good basis for something special.

In fact, if you ask a lot of guys why they love their partner, they will probably mention a physical attribute but the most common answer is that she makes him laugh!

How men fall in love is not an overnight miracle. I know some men have said that the first time they met their partner they knew she was the woman they were going to marry but it’s rare. Usually they do not realize they are falling in love, and then one day, quite a way into the relationship, they will wake up realizing this is the woman that they want to spend all their free time with.

Men are no different to women in that they also want to find someone to love, marry and have a family. In fact, women are better than men at being on their own. This is shown by divorce figures that when a guy gets divorced, he will remarry a lot quicker than a woman. A man always appears a strong figure but at the end of the day, they do not like coming back to an empty home. They like to feel nurtured and appreciated, in fact loved.

All couples have arguments but usually a man will want to get things resolved as quickly as possible, whereas a women will often drag it out for much longer. There is a wonderful saying that you should never go to sleep on an argument and I believe that is so true. Go to bed and make up, then you wake up to a new day feeling happy with each other.

There is no mystery in how men fall in love but the special magic you have to learn is how to keep them in love with you. Once you understand how a man thinks with regards to love, then you can be happy together for ever!

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