Jo Tempest New Cats

Laurel And Hardy

Hi, I’m Hardy, Jo’s new cat, or should I say, one of them anyway. I have a story to tell you about how I came into her home with my brother Laurel.

Just over 2 weeks ago, Jo came to her friend Nese’s waterfront cafe.  Being a young, friendly and homeless fellow, I quickly surmised Jo was a softie where us cats were concerned. Lots of purring and rubbing around her legs soon found me a place on her lap for the rest of the afternoon. By the time Jo was ready to go home, I had convinced her to take me with her, much to Nese’s joy!

Anyway, I arrived at a lovely home and so dutifully jumped in and out of my new cat basket, ate all the great food and used my litter tray regularly. Now, all I had to do was to get my twin brother here as quickly as possible.  Jo was calling me Munchkins, then changed it to Daisy as she thought me so pretty.  She still hadn’t taken a close look at me to realize I was a boy!!  So, a couple of evenings later, I was laying on Baris’s lap ( Jo’s partner) and showed him I was a boy. There followed much laughter and surprise between the two of them, but no decision on a new name.

Sunday morning arrived and I was loaded into my cat box and then Nese’s car. We went to the local school where I saw many more filled cat crates. I had no idea what this is all about but I am sure I was about to find out. And I did; it was mass neutering day for all the street cats and dogs in the village. Jo had arranged for me to go first so that I didn’t have to hang around (excuse the pun), like all the other cats. Cukru the vet from Marmaris was very gentle and seemed a caring guy, but I have to say I don’t remember much once he had lifted me out of my box, until I woke up at home later that afternoon.

At this point, I will let Jo take over the story for a while.

Hi, Jo here. So while my little baby was asleep, I was in the school with all the cats that we (meaning all the village helpers involved) had collected the previous day. We try to do this at least once a year to keep down the number of kittens born each year. Unfortunately, many of the village people do not take responsibility for their animals and, even worse, think we are interfering with nature. My answer to that is ‘you let your animals have up to 4 litters a year, then you feed them!’

Cukru, our wonderful vet from Marmaris, arrived with 2 helpers early Sunday morning and set up an operating room in the school laboratory. It was like a production line all day; they operated on 40 cats and 6 dogs. We probably could have found more to be done, but ran out of time.

At the end of a long day, all the animals were left in their boxes in a spare store room attached to the school, covered in blankets. They would sleep off the effects of the operations until the next morning. Just so you know, we clip the ears on all operated cats and dogs, so we can tell which ones have been neutered for the next year. We don’t want to catch them twice!

We raise money throughout the year by donations and this covers the cost of the drugs for the day. Everything else is given free by Cukru; he is truly a saint!

The next day, we release all the animals back to where we found them with a little food and they are all quite happy. I think Hardy wants to take over the story from here, so bye for now.

I’m back. I woke up in my new home with a blue bottom and feeling a little wobbly and thought I was seeing double. Then after a little staggering and sniffing, realized my twin brother was also in my new home. I was so happy to see him, even if he was in the same state as me. Mind you, even just after 2 weeks with Jo, I am much bigger than he is, but he will soon catch up.

Apparently, once Jo had seen my twin brother wandering around Nese’s cafe and as he had used the same charm tactics as me, she had decided to bring him home after his operation. We have been given the new names of Laurel and Hardy, so I am sure we can live up to their comic ways, as it’s a great apartment to run around and cause chaos!

At the moment, we are both on our best behavior as we must show Jo how much we love her for taking us off the ‘streets’, but I am sure within a few days we will jumping around the furniture, knocking things to the floor and having fun. Miaow for now.

Well, you have met Laurel and Hardy and they are gorgeous . It’s wonderful to be able to give these two little darlings a chance. Will keep you updated on their antics as I am sure they are going to be lots of them!


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