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Laurel and Hardy Heart

Hi everyone, Hardy here. Laurel and I cannot believe we have been living with Jo for over six months now and we are also 1 year old!!

We just love our home, we are so loved and spoiled. Mind you, it’s not surprising as we are wonderful, honestly, that’s what we are told every day. 

When Jo comes in from work, we are always waiting for her and we cannot let her even have a cup of tea before she has given both of us a cuddle.

This has become a little difficult as we are too big for her to pick both of us up at the same time, so we each have to wait our turn. The food is great here and always plenty of it, not like when we were on the streets.

We had a bit of a crisis here when the neighbor downstairs cut down our favorite tree (I don’t think she likes cats very much). We used it to get up to the balcony but we soon adapted. We now come up the Olive tree on to the back balcony. The neighbor cannot say anything as it is not her tree!

I have to say I am the calmer cat; Laurel is still a bit naughty!! His latest games are to go on to

Kitty Couch Potatoes

Kitty Couch Potatoes

the bottom shelf of the bookcase and pull all the books out. Then he goes in to Jo’s bedroom, opens the drawers and pull all her underwear out!

Oh, I forgot, he also tipped up Jo’s sewing basket and emptied everything out. There were reels of cotton all around the apartment. I honestly do not know why he does all these naughty things, but he seems to enjoy himself! 

Anyway, Laurel and I just want to say thank you to Jo for rescuing us and to tell her we love her too much. We are going off for a little sleep now, purrrr for now!! 

Hi, Jo here. Everything Hardy told you is true, but I wouldn’t be without my little ‘Comics.’ They are an absolute joy to be around and I am so glad I could offer them a home. Hope you enjoy the photos. xxx


We're Actually Awake!

We’re Actually Awake!


World Champion Napping

World Champion Napping

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