Emotional Roller Coaster

Emotional Roller Coaster

I am coming to another major change in my life, I am moving back to England this month, after living in Turkey for many years.

I know it is the right time to do, even though I am leaving many wonderful people behind. I want to be nearer my sons, my mother, brothers and friends and I need to do the move while I still have some energy to start again.

I have sent all my favourite things by cargo. I am not worried about furniture as it never fits a new place as it did in the old. But I must have my memories of the last few years around me; my Buddhas, my music, my films…it seems I have a lot of memories as it all weighed a total of 200 kilos!

I am excited as the day draws closer for my flight back. I have found a wonderful couple to take over my flat, and more importantly, to love Laurel and Hardy. I know they will all be very happy together.

I have been really touched by the many people in my village here, who have made a point of taking me to lunch, dinner or just coffee, to give me a leaving present and tell me how much they will miss me…it has been so lovely and they have all been so kind.

So, bye for now, I will update you all on my plans once I am back in England.

Jo Tempest.

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