Misty Orhaniye Bay | Jo Tempest

Misty Orhaniye Bay

I did a very noble thing this Christmas for a friend. I had been to England earlier in the month to visit my sons and family, so Christmas wasn’t that important to me this year.

But my friend who lives on his boat wanted to spend the day with his friends in town, so I offered to spend a couple of days on his boat to free him up to have fun. The weather was sunny and the sea was calm so I knew I would be okay on my own.

I had dropped him off on the jetty and was on my way back to his boat in the dinghy when I saw a fin approaching me from across the bay.

Now I have to mention here that I had seen a dolphin from a distance a few days earlier so I was pretty sure it was him, but you never know! Anyway, as the fin got closer, I realized it was the dolphin and he came alongside me in the dinghy.

Orhaniye Bay Clear | Jo Tempest

Orhaniye Bay Clear | Jo Tempest

He then stayed with me all the way back to the boat; maybe he thought I needed a chaperone to make sure I arrived safely. It was truly magical, I was talking to him and he was really careful not to knock the dinghy.

Once I had tied up to the boat, he turned and swam away. Of course, my camera was on the boat, not in the dinghy, so I cannot show you a photo, but he filled a space in my heart.

I spent a lazy day on the boat, keeping the cat company, watching movies and generally having a relaxing time. The next morning when I woke up, it was another lovely sunny day but really misty, and I watched the mist burn off over the next few hours.

Bay Shoreline | Jo Tempest

Bay Shoreline

Late afternoon I collected my friend off the jetty to hand him his boat back and make my way home to my village.

Even days after my dolphin encounter, it still makes me smile and I feel so privileged to have shared those few moments with my new friend.


Jo Tempest.

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