I Love Writing

I Love Writing

Do you remember how great it was to receive a letter in the post? How you would sit down with a cup of coffee and read the contents, and later re-read it? My grandmother used to write to me, pages long, and it was wonderful! The other great thing about letters is that you could store them away and they became treasures in later years.

I also have a love of stationery and could spend ages in the shops choosing writing materials, still do in fact, but they do not get as much use as they should. Mind you, they look pretty and I am a great list maker so they get to be used!

I used to love writing letters to friends and family, sometimes they would be written over the space of days and would be a running commentary on my life at the time. I know a couple of my friends who used to receive my letters and read them out to friends, as they were so entertaining! Their words!!

One friend in particular always told me I should write for a living and actually, now I do and love it.

Computers are wonderful but there is no anticipation for letters dropping through your letter box, just opening your email and you feel that you have to respond immediately. This is the future and it has so many benefits, but good things do disappear. Mind you, I have to say that spell check is useful at times!

When my son James was traveling around the world, he would send me the most amazing descriptive emails of his adventures. Guess what I did! I would print them out and sit with my cup of coffee to read them. Crazy woman!! But they felt more real to me rather than reading them from a screen.

Anyway, over the years I have discovered I really love to write. Now, I write articles, create e- books and have even started writing a novel. When I started to write, I felt happier writing by hand and then typing it up later. This was mainly because I’m not very confident using my lap top, but I soon learned this was very time consuming. So, lap top it is!! It took me quite a while to get over not feeling so creative sitting in front of a screen rather than holding a pen in my hand. Thankfully, people love reading my articles so I must have overcome that problem and hopefully will continue to write useful entertaining articles.

Books are my other great passion and now we have Kindles ( is that how you spell it?). I haven’t succumbed to one of those yet but many of my friends are singing their praises. Maybe that’s another article in the making.

Bye for now…


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