Announcing Female Spies

Female SpiesHi folks, it’s that time again! My second book in my “Bad Girl Series” is out there for you to read. This one is about female spies from across the world and through the centuries.

Truly amazing real life stories about twelve women who spied for their country when they were needed. Well, most of them were doing the right thing. About a couple of them, you will have to make your own mind up as to whether they did the right thing or not!

I really hope you enjoy it and would love you to leave a review for me to read your comments. You can download this book when you click here.  If you missed the first one, it was Female Assassins, so go and find that one as well. They are both available for you to download on your Kindle or similar, or Amazon Cloud reader, available from Amazon.

I am busy writing the third one for “The Bad Girls Series”, Female Cross Dressers, and that will be with you soon.

Bye for now and happy reading.


Jo Tempest.

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