My "Sensible"Shoes

My "Sensible"Shoes

When I was moving to Turkey a few years ago, I realized a lot of my clothes would no longer be suitable. The winters are not cold here but they are wet and the summers are really hot and long! So, I invited a couple of my girlfriends around and told them to take whatever they liked left in my wardrobe. They went away really happy and I traveled really light!

When I lived in Marmaris, I would still wear my high heels in the evenings and I loved them. I still do love them but living in Selimiye, you take your life into your hands tottering around on heels due to the natural stone pathways along the water front. So, its beaded sandals or quite often, I dispense with shoes altogether. My summer clothes are floaty due to the heat , with a straw hat and in the winter, the most I need is a warm gilet with my jeans and of course, my pink Doc Martins!

It’s really quite nice just wearing clothes that are comfortable and fun rather than trying to keep up with the ‘new fashion look’ for the season. Even my jewelry has become much more relaxed. There are a couple of girls in the village that make the most unusual jewelry and really inexpensive. And of course, I have to wear my little bracelet with the ‘Turkish Eye’ to keep me safe!!

Now my home has taken a new life of its own. It’s relaxed and full of ‘Eastern Promise’! Full of texture, color, buddhas, batiks and candles. I absolutely love it and it seems that many of my friends here also love it judging by the amount of time they spend on my sofa!

Maybe hippy days are back in Selimiye as most of us look quite similar.I even have a friend here who has the most gorgeous little beach side cafe called Cactus and it has lots of purple to go along with her wonderful home made cakes. She and I have become kindred spirits in more ways than one due to our love of feeling relaxed in what we wear and how we live.

When I visit England a couple of times a year, I am always in a dilemma as to what to take to wear. But then, let’s face it, poor England doesn’t have the best of weather, so jeans, boots and jackets usually do the job.

Anyway, I am now off to float along the water front in my beaded flip flops to visit my purple friend and sit watching the moon come up over the mountains sipping a glass of chilled white wine. What a hard life!!



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