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A Beautiful Day | Jo Tempest

A Beautiful Day

It is the ‘over dinner’ story and Mick’s trouble in the sea that prompted me to write this article but the rest of the day was just as interesting so you will get it all! 

I have some very special old friends, Joan and Mick, staying with me at the moment and they love every opportunity to get out on a boat on to the wonderful blue sea around this area.

I am also very lucky to have many new friends who keep their boats in this area. The perfect combination! Ken, being one of these friends, offered to take us out for the day a few days ago. He would be in Bozburun, a nearby village, and we could join him by driving to the village and heading for the harbor.

We arrived around lunch time to be met by Ken in his dingy and soon we were aboard his beautiful 50 foot yacht, ‘Sergiano’. We motored away from Bozburun and soon found ourselves in clear blue water with just the odd yacht passing us by.

The decision was made to drop anchor after an hour of motoring and have a swim followed by lunch. Mick and Ken jumped in to the sea but Joan and I are both nervous out of our depth so donned floating rings. A sight to behold, I promise you, but it was great to be in the cool water.

We all climbed aboard and were ready for a light lunch as we were taking Ken ashore for dinner as a ‘thank you’ for our day out. Fresh village stone-baked bread, salad, cheeses, olives and beer filled the table and quickly disappeared. 


Ken and Mick | Jo Tempest

Ken and Mick

After a little lazing around on deck, Ken and Mick decided to go for a snorkel. Donning their flippers and masks, they quickly disappeared over to the rocks in the distance. Joan and I were chatting on deck when we heard this little voice calling ‘I think I need some help’. Turning to the sound of the voice, we could see Mick throwing a flipper in front of him and swimming towards it to get him nearer to the boat.

At this point I have to tell you that poor Mick has recently had a knee operation, a shoulder operation and gets cramps in his bad leg. Not a good combination when your flipper comes off the foot of the side with the bad leg and shoulder! Joan and I are running around the deck, quite uselessly, I have to admit, wondering how we can help Mick. Do we put on our foam rings and try to get to him? Do we throw him a line or do we call out to Ken who was over snorkeling around some different rocks to come and rescue Mick.

I am afraid we did not do the courageous life saving jump in to the sea but yelled to Ken. Truth be known, he got there a lot quicker than we would have done anyway. Soon, Mick was being hauled back on to the boat and before long was settled with a beer and the newspaper to recuperate! Joan and I both decided we were totally useless in a ‘sea emergency’ but were brilliant in other ways! 

The afternoon passed with all of us laying out on deck with books, newspapers or just dozing. It was so relaxing. As evening approached, we upped anchor ( this I am good at) and motored back to Bozburun. We decided to drop anchor just outside the harbor and go in to the village in the dingy. Before long, we were tied up along the harbor wall and heading for one of the local restaurants. It was a wonderful warm evening and we were soon enjoying local food and exchanging ‘life’ stories.

Now I am going to tell you the TRUE story that Ken told us, prompting this blog post.

Ken and his lovely wife Lima (who was away in Canada during our trip, but I will see her soon) were sailing around the Balearic Islands. One evening, they met with some other fellow sailors, Peter and John, and heard their own scary story of a few days earlier. 

Peter and his wife were sailing in a Catamaran and John, along with his crew, in his sailing yacht. They decided to sail from one island to another with a set route, but for some reason, Peter and his wife left earlier. Peter had the sails up and after a couple of hours the wind had dropped so he decided to go for a swim but he forgot to tell his wife! At this time, she was sitting inside the boat knitting and was very absorbed in what she was doing.

At this point, I also have to mention Peter has a wooden leg but it does not stop him doing anything! Anyway, Peter goes in to the sea for his swim with a trailing line attached to his boat. A few minutes later the wind picks up, pulls the trailing line from his hand and his boat moves away. Peter frantically swims towards his boat but never quite catches it up. Before long, he is exhausted and is just floating in the water.


Joan and Me | Jo Tempest

Joan and Me

A full couple of hours later, John is motoring his yacht on the same decided route to meet up with Peter and his wife. He is looking around at the huge expanse of sea and thinks he can see a log in the distance. As he gets closer, he sees that it is a ‘Hairy’ log, feebly waving a hand!

Before long, poor Peter has been dragged on to John’s boat and they quickly try to catch up with the Catamaran. Coming along side, Peter’s wife appears to say ‘hi’ to John and then asks “Peter, what are doing on John’s boat?”

Scarily, she had been enjoying her knitting so much that she had not even been aware Peter was not around! Fortunately, Peter lived to tell the tale to Ken and Lima a couple of days later along with many others, I am sure. Thank goodness John had not changed his agreed set course and spotted Peter floating in the sea. I am sure that if they were not best buddies before, they must be now! 

We left Ken after hugs and thank you’s to go back to his yacht to sleep under the stars. I drove my lovely friends back to my apartment in Selimiye over the winding mountain roads on a clear starlit night. A truly wonderful day with our own ‘sea’ story but nothing as amazing as Peter’s story, don’t you agree? 





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