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Today, I watched this DVD and it was truly wonderful, and felt I just had to share it with you all.   A friend of mine has just come back after spending time on Tilos, a Greek Island. He met up with a friend he hasn’t seen for many years. Her name is Rosemary Nalden, a British viola player, now working with young people from the townships in Soweto, an urban area of  Johnannesburg, South Africa.

She set up the Buskaid Project as a registered charitable trust to give the children the chance to learn classical string instruments virtually free of charge. They have performed concerts around the world to standing ovations.  This DVD features the Paris concert, her work with the children, and much, much more.

Rosemary is a very special lady, dedicating her life to these children, but I can also see the great rewards she is getting when these children are playing. They love it, and so many of them are gifted. On one of the interviews, there was a young teenage boy who said,”I do not feel I am different to other people, I just want something different for me.” And he achieves that big time!!

Obviously donations are the only way this project can keep going, so go and buy this DVD. You will not regret it, I promise! You will hear Mozart, Grieg, Bartok, vocals, South African traditional music, and much more. If I got this in my Christmas stocking, I would be thrilled!!

I have not been moved so much for a long time and it gives us hope for a much better future when we are nurturing the youth of today with some hope of their own.

Soweto Strings……a film by Mark Kidel…..featuring The Buskaid Soweto String Ensemble.

Order the Soweto Strings DVD here

and help Rosemary help these amazing children.

Find out more about Buskaid Here.

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Jo Tempest.

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