Joynal Abedin Richshaw Puller

Joynal Abedin

It never ceases to amaze me how many selfless people there are in this world, and I just love to write about them. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone in the world could be like these people, but at least there are some Angels out there. 

Joynal Abedin lives in a village called Tanashadia which is in the Mymensingh district of Bangladesh.

His story starts over thirty years ago when he was a farm laborer and his father fell sick and died because there was no medical help in his village. He vowed on that rainy, windy night that his village would have a medical center one day.

Joynal left his village with his wife to go and work in the capital, Dhaka. They found it a little daunting with its size and energy and truly wondered if they could survive there. But soon, Joynal’s wife had found a job as an assistant in a local clinic and he started pulling rickshaws.

It took Joynal a while to learn the knack of avoiding all the swerving cars and trucks but he eventually mastered it and was a busy man.

Some months later, his wife would tell him he was not bringing enough money home to keep his family, but Joynal had a reason for this. He had a secret bank account where he was putting money whenever possible so that one day in the future, he could accomplish his dream and build a clinic in his home village. 

It took almost twenty years and a lot of hard work by Joynal, but eventually he had saved the $,4000 he needed, so home the family went, leaving the big city behind. The first part of the plan for his clinic was to buy a plot of land.

Joynal built a tin roof home for his family and then a second tin roof building which would soon become the clinic. He used the rest of the money to buy chairs, tables and beds.

The people in his village were very skeptical, especially when no doctor would come to the clinic. Talk around the village was, “How can a rickshaw puller open a clinic?” 

Well ,he could and he did. He requested a local paramedic to come and give first aid and basic treatments to the villagers, and he called the building the ‘Mumtaz Hospital’. Now, many villagers attend the clinic, getting treated by the paramedic, as well as by a doctor who visits the village once a week.

Word of Joynal’s efforts soon spread and with the help of a few companies and individuals, a pharmacy has been added to the clinic to give out free medications. The clinic can help patients with asthma problems, fevers, diarrhea and minor injuries.

There is even a small maternity ward for straightforward deliveries, and the staff members educated the local rural women on pregnancy care and child rearing. 

Before long, the local media heard about the clinic and have written some great articles on Joynal and his ‘dream’ clinic.

This has generated more donations that have been used to build another tin roof building for a primary school facility. It can cope with around 150 children from local laboring and farming families and they learn Bengali, Arabic, and English, as well as reading, writing and basic mathematics. 

Joynal Abedin Rickshaw Puller

Joynal Abedin Rickshaw Puller

In India, a rickshaw puller is seen as being the lowest of jobs and definitely earns no respect. Now Joynal is truly a respected man for all he has done for his village and many people are extremely thankful to him.

But his dream is not yet over; he wants his clinic to become a real hospital, not in name only! He will need government help as well as more donations, but I am sure Joynal will achieve it soon.

He is a truly generous spirited man who worked too many years at an incredibly tiring job, to help his village. 

As Martin Luther King Jr once said “You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.”


Jo Tempest.

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