Lyn and Lulu

Lyn and Lulu

As you know, I live in a little Turkish village called Selimiye. We have many visitors in the summer months and this is the story about Lyn and when she visited earlier this year. It was her first time to Turkey and she will never forget it.

Lyn came to Selimiye because she wanted somewhere quiet but different, and she loved the village at first sight. She stayed with a friend of mine in her wonderful family-run pension called “Jenny’s House,” in the main street, just five minutes away from the sea.

Before long, Lyn was ready to do some exploring on a rented scooter. Off she set after breakfast, having decided to ride to Bozburun, which is the next bay over the mountains.

On the way back, she came across what she thought was a dog on the side of the road. Taking a closer look, she found a half-starved female black and white Pointer. She had recently had puppies and it seemed she had been abandoned, which unfortunately, is not uncommon here.

Lyn really did not know what to do about the dog, but it seemed the dog knew what it must do! It staggered to its feet and somehow followed Lyn on her scooter all the way back to the village, and into Jenny’s garden.

Before long, she was ensconced on Lyn’s balcony with a good meal in front of her and a name, Lulu. Fortunately Jenny loves dogs, and has two Pointers of her own, so she is a total softie when it comes to animals.

On closer inspection, Lyn realized that apart from being starved, poor Lulu was covered in ticks and must have been in agony. She quickly started removing them from her body and over the next day or so, the two of them became inseparable. 

Now Lyn had the problem of what to do about Lulu, but really she had already made up her mind. She was going to get Lulu back to England! They both visited our wonderful vet in nearby Marmaris to see what it would entail, and also to get Lulu neutered.

The answer was, a lot of patience and money! Lulu would need a series of rabies shots weeks apart, to be chipped, along with being provided lots of documentation to get her doggie passport.

Of course, Lyn was only here for a two week holiday, so she was going to have to go home without her dog, to deal with life back in England. But, not giving up on her plan, Lyn found a wonderful local couple who would look after Lulu while she was away, and continue to get her ready for her journey, until September when Lyn is due to return.

Monday morning came and Lyn had to say a tearful goodbye to Lulu before leaving for her flight

Lulu Rescue Pointer

Lulu Rescue Pointer

home, but knowing Lulu will be well looked after. We have all promised to go and see Lulu and even take her for an occasional walk. 

We have too many abandoned cats and dogs in this village, and we all do what we can to feed them, and even try and find homes for some of them. As you know, I rescued two wonderful kittens last year, Laurel and Hardy. They are just too wonderful.

But Lyn is very special because not only did she rescue Lulu, she is also going to give her a home in England. It’s stories like this that remind us there are still kind, compassionate people around, and that just one person can make all the difference.

I am really looking forward to seeing Lyn in September and for her and Lulu to be back together again for ever.



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