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Laurel And Hardy

Hi everyone, I thought it was time for Laurel and I to give you an update on living with Jo. What can I say, it’s wonderful! Especially as I also have my brother Laurel with me. It really beats living on the streets of Selimiye.

I know Jo and her partner, Baris, really love us because they keep telling us how gorgeous we are. But they also tell us how naughty we are! The way I see it is that we are still kittens and there is so much fun to be had in the apartment. I expect we will grow out of it in time.

Jo has a wonderful collection of shells in a tray on the bottom shelf of the hall table but they are just too tempting. I can manage to get a couple out, with Laurel looking on, and they roll really well along the floors. I know I have lost a few under the sofa but Jo hasn’t noticed yet! She goes around picking up the ones she finds and puts them back, telling me to leave them alone. The moment she goes back to her lap top, I creep back as I love playing with them.

Laurel has his favorite game, he keeps going into Jo’s wardrobe and chews the bags of presents ready for her family. He even manages to drag a few out into the room. Jo thought she was being really clever a couple of day ago when she tied up the doors to the wardrobe. It was a bit of a challenge, but we managed to get them undone.

She has taken to putting things in the drawer of the bedside cabinet as we do have a habit of jumping on top and scattering glasses, books and the alarm clock. Apparently, we have broken two alarm clocks already and poor Jo cannot manage without one. Anyway, I thought I would try and open the drawer and I was successful. I found a little torch ( we have a lot of power cuts in the village) and it had a chord on the handle. I was really pleased with myself when I was trotting down to the kitchen with the torch in my mouth just as Jo walked through the front door. She is so great, she just picked me up with the torch, took it back to her bedroom and gave me a hug at the same time as telling me I was a naughty boy!

We rarely use the stairs to go outside as we do not want Jo or Baris to have to keep running up and down the stairs. The balcony of the kitchen has a really convenient tree running down to the garden so Laurel and I have soon mastered this route to outside. The only problem is that when we come back up to get in our home, the door is often closed due to it getting colder. Getting a little fed up with having to sit outside and meow to be let in, we have both now mastered opening the door on our own. It takes a few efforts and is a little noisy but we manage.

We are both very loving and often make a jump from the back of the sofa onto Jo and Baris, making lots of purring noises until we sprawl out on the sofa for a well earned sleep. I made Jo laugh so much tonight because I did my usual leap and landed on her head, and then thought it would be a good idea to nibble her ear. I love her too much.

One habit I have grown out of, is sitting on the window sill to look outside and sweeping anything in my way onto the floor. I did break a couple of glass candle pots and it became a little dangerous walking across the floor until Jo cleared up. I still like to sit and watch the neighbors along with Laurel or wait for Jo to come home. Well, I am going outside with my brother now to chase the chickens so I will let Jo say a couple of words as it is her blog. I think she is going to put a couple of photos on her blog soon to show you what handsome fellows we are. Meow for now. Xx

Hi, Jo here. Honestly, everything Hardy has told you is true. It’s like having a couple of toddlers running riot and I definitely gave them the right names, they are a comedy act! But I am so happy I rescued them as they are an absolute delight to have around, even if they are the naughtiest kittens I have ever come across.

Bye for now.




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