We are never naughty!!!

We are never naughty!!! | Jo Tempest

Good things and bad things are going on in my village of Selimiye at the moment.

As you know, we have a lot of stray cats and just a handful of stray dogs in the village. Someone decided he would remedy that last week with a trail of poison through the village!

About 6 dogs were left very sick and one beautiful Retriever (not a stray) died. Lots of cats have disappeared, as they always go away and die.

It was heartbreaking, as we do try to keep the numbers of strays down with our annual neutering program. 

But some good news is that Lynn is back to take Lulu (the stray Pointer) back to England over the next week or so. They were both so happy to be reunited again and Lulu has not left Lynn’s side! 

My darlings, Laurel and Hardy, have developed the knack of opening my screen doors to let themselves into my apartment, which is okay. But, they have also learned how to open the screens on my neighbors doors too!

Fortunately, they are loved by all and just get gently ushered out. They seem to be like naughty toddlers at the moment and have a variety of ways to try and wake me up at an unearthly hour.


At Last Got The Bed To Ourselves! | Jo Tempest

At Last Got The Bed To Ourselves!

Hardy comes into the bedroom, hooks his paw around the wardrobe door and bangs it a few times. If I am able to ignore that, he then jumps on the bedside cabinet and methodically, one by one, flicks books, clock and glasses on to the floor.

If that fails to drag me out of bed, then it’s a nibble of my toes. That usually gets me jumping out of bed to see what they want!

Laurel empties my drawers and works his way along the bottom shelf of the bookcase to pull the books out, and the latest game is to empty my sewing basket. Hopefully my little duo will grow out of these dastardly deeds! 

There is going to be a big party this weekend in the field under my balcony. It’s for a little boy called Arda who was circumcised a few weeks ago. It’s going to be a huge event and I will tell you all about it a few days later, with lots of photos! 

Enjoy your weekend, whatever you are doing. 

Jo Tempest

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