Bad Girls SeriesHi, all my lovely readers. Firstly I want to say a big “Thank You!” to all you followers of my blog. It has had over 1 MILLION visits since I started it and I am so glad you enjoy reading it.

You are certainly keeping me on my toes when it comes to finding something interesting to write about and that I hope you will all enjoy reading.

But this time I want to take the opportunity to tell you all about my new project. As you know, last year, I launched my first book for Kindle, my Creepy Crawly Kids Spider Book and now I am ready to publish my next series of books. 

The Bad Girls Series is a multi-volume series of books about amazing women from all around the world and through the centuries. These are true stories about so many different types of women. 

The first volume is about female assassins -13 different women who attempted to assassinate their chosen target. Some were successful, others not. Some of the women were executed, a few went to prison, and even a few escaped punishment.

You will find some of these true crime stories quite moving, others scary, and even find yourself in awe of these women. What I can promise is that none of their stories are boring!

Other books will follow in this fascinating series including female spies, cross-dressers, and so many more. While you are enjoying reading them, I will enjoy writing them. 

So, it’s time to turn on your Kindle or Tablet, or install Amazon Cloud Reader on your computer. Then go to Amazon, search for Jo Tempest and her Bad Girls Series and start downloading. One last request, if you have read my Bad Girls Series – The Assassins and loved it (which of course, you will), then please, please, please, leave me a review. Amazon just loves reviews, the more the better! And make sure you look for the following volumes as they appear. 

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my darling friend, Carolyn, who is my ‘tech’ friend. As you know, I love to write, but the technical side is way beyond me! So, Carolyn is my ‘technical Angel’. Without her, I would have a book series being read by no-one.

Click here to download my new book The Assassins now.


Bye for now


Jo Tempest. 

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